Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Introducing some very lovely vintage voucher codes...

By their very nature, the perfect vintage items are pretty difficult to track down.  To get the look you want, every internet search is going to be subjective. So this is why I’ve started this blog – to highlight all the best vintage voucher codes that I can find, whether they’re clothes, shoes, bags, picture frames, lampshades…whether it’s vintage or retro inspired, I’ll track down a saving on it for you to help you out a bit. So I hope you enjoy the blog and any feedback is much appreciated!

First up, here’s a couple of sales from a couple of your (potentially) favourite shops with a couple of lovely spots I found for you perusal…

Yes, yes, I know there’s a branch of Accessorize on nearly every street corner, but it’s still worth checking online for a few choice Accessorize voucher codes. This morning, I’ve found a gorgeous Pippa Pleat Lock Shoulder Bag that’s been reduced from £30 to £15, and even better, a Stace Clutch that is now only £4.80 (originally £16). I’ll definitely be buying one of those for under a fiver.

Louche Roberta Check DressIf you live in our fair and frantic capital, chances are a high street not a million miles away might have a branch of Joy on it. There’s nothing quite like having a browse through a branch, but if you don’t live in London (or Brighton, or Edinburgh), then their online deals aren’t too shabby. I noticed this Joy voucher code can get you up to 70% off some nice items – a Louche Roberta Check Dress is reduced to £30 and an 18andEast Beaded Stef Shift has been knocked down from £70 to £30.

If these aren't you thing, don’t worry, I’ll be back soon with some more vintage voucher codes. And it won’t just be all fashion – I might find a few retro posters and a bit of wall art for you next time!

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