Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vintage voucher codes for Mother's Day...

Tiny Rose Large Clasp Purse
Tiny Rose Clasp Purse

I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about a few of the Mother’s Day voucher codes I’ve encountered recently as there have been more than several that would befit the vintage theme. If you have a mother with exceptionally good taste, then you might as well take advantage of that and go with something a bit different from the usual flowers and choccies this Mother’s Day. Although, there’s always the danger that you’ll end up spending a bit on yourself too in the process. And what a crying shame that would be…

Cath Kidston -Bunch Large Stand Up Tote
Bunch large Stand Up Tote
I think I might be only person in the world without a Cath Kidston bag at the moment. I should really rectify that soon. Anyway, don’t let your mother follow my bad example, as there’s quite a few Cath Kidston wares on offer at the moment. Have a look at these Cath Kidston voucher codes and see if there’s anything that might take you mater’s fancy. Personally, I like this Bunch Large Stand Up Tote that’s been reduced from £55 to £25 and this gorgeous little Tiny Rose Clasp Purse that’s a mere £6, down from £12.

Vintage Butterfly Brooch
Vintage Butterfly Brooch

If you want a bit more to choose from, or maybe mother dearest isn’t the kitsch floral kind (really?) then this Past Times voucher code might sort you out. They’ve got a rather amazing 25% off all Mother’s Day gifts at this point in time, so maybe pick up a cute little brooch or two, or maybe a nice bit of crockery. I particularly like this Sterling Silver Mother-of-Pearl Lozenge Ring and this Vintage Butterfly Brooch. But if you have a none-jewellery wearing mother like mine, there’s plenty more pretty things to choose from.

Sterling Silver & Mother-of-pearl Lozenge Ring - Size O
Sterling Silver and Mother-of-Pearl Lozenge Ring
I know it’s tempting but please, please, please, pretty please don’t leave the present buying to the very last minute. Do you really want your mother to end up with some hideous bouquet form the petrol station? No, I thought not.

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