Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cute kitchenware and kitsch culinary items...

If you’re anything like me, you might be spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen this weekend, half an Easter egg in one hand, a mixing bowl or roasting pan in the other, thinking  it be quite nice to put your feet up and watch the afternoon film…well, I love my kitchen, but it tends to be the dumping ground or my adobe, the place where everything that doesn’t have a home gets left. In short, a good-looking kitchen it is not. I’m not talking a need for an entire kitchen overhaul here, I’m thinking maybe a few new items to brighten the place up and add a bit of vintage character to culinary proceedings. So I searched for said bargain items. And gosh, did I find them…

Typhoo Tea Apron
Typhoo Tea Apron
Going Mobile Campervan Tin Tray
Going Mobile Campervan Tea Tray
So I know it’s about the third time I’ve mentioned them, but if you are a vintage nut, then Past Times voucher codes should really be on your radar. I had a quick peek, expecting just a few choice retro kitchen bits that I might want to pick up, but instead I found a whole page of irresistible items. Although it was pretty difficult to narrow down, here are the ones I thought you might like – I’m not an apron girl myself, but I know there are many out there so, just for you, here’s a Typhoo Tea Apron. It’s on at 30% off, but this Past Times discount code gets you an extra 10% off sale items. And I love love love this Going Mobile Campervan Tin Tray, reduced from £8 to £6.40, but again, knock an extra 10% off the price. And lastly, forget your electronic scales, invest in these gorgeous Retro Red Scales for under £20.

Retro Red Kitchen Scales
Retro Read Scales

Partridge in a Pear Tree Chef's Pad
Partridge in a Pear Tree Chef  Pad
But what vintage kitchenware post would be complete without an inclusion from the home of kitsch cooking items – yes, breath a huge sigh of relief, I’ve found an Aga Cookshop offer. This Partridge in a Pear Tree Chef Pad is 40% off, down to £7.79. And don’t worry, I do know it’s not Christmas, but this doesn’t look in the least bit festive (in the nicest possible way, of course).

So, make your kitchen look like the sort of place you would want to spend plenty of time – especially if you’re going to end up there anyway!

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