Friday, 8 March 2013

Delightful vintage dress discounts...

Dressing up is hard to do…well, it used to be before we helped you track down some lovely vintage dress voucher codes that is. The weather is slightly erratic, granted, but warmer moths are definitely on the way, which means it’s time to start reassessing that wardrobe. So here are a couple of vintage dress discount vouchers to help you on your way…

Sugarhill Boutique Daisy Dress
Sugarhill Boutique Daisy Dress

Rock My Vintage might just be THE place to go is you’re stuck in fashion inspiration hell. They’ve got dresses from every era with vintage originals arriving in all the time. I’ve picked out this new Sugarhill Boutique Daisy Dress for £48. Perfect for summer sunny afternoons sipping Pimms in the garden of a country pub, or pair with some white plimsolls and get on your bike for a day out by the river. As I’m typing this, I’m staring out of the window, faced with drizzle and murky grey skies, so you must forgive me if I go overboard on the sunny descriptions. Needs must and all… Anyway with this Rock My Vintage voucher code, you get 8% off all your purchases.

Vintage Girl Backless Metallic Dress

Motel Rocks have a lot of bases covered, including gorgeous retro prints and vintage-inspired numbers as well as being great value for money of you use a Motel Rocks voucher code. With this one, you get an extra 10% off sale items, including this Motel Annali Strapless Cream Bustier Dress which you could get for under £15. And you might as well pick up a Motel Vintage Girl Backless Metallic Dress while you’re at it, seeing as this offer will bring it down to under £15 too.

Annali Strapless Cream Bustier Dress

So there are a handful of dresses to start you off on your vintage dress bargain hunt. And next time, I promise to include a shop that doesn’t have the word ‘Rock’ in its name…

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