Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Desirable dresses for those on an VERY tight budget...

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a post about dresses and I think we all agree there is no limit to the amount of times I can write about cheap dresses. Can you guess what I’m going to write about today?...

Well, first off, I’d like to point out that I won’t be mentioning any genuine vintage items. This week, it’s all about being on a VERY tight budget and getting that vintage look for peanuts. So lets visit a couple of easily accessible high street names that are famed for their rather enticing prices, as well as some on-trend vintage-inspired items.

 Shift Dress
Monochrome Shift Dress - £16
Soon Print Cotton Prom Dress
Soon Print Cotton Prom Dress - £22
First up it’s Matalan discount vouchers. Yes Matalan. Please don’t scoff at my choice – you’ll see why I picked them in one tiny second. For starters, they have dresses from just £4. Unfortunately not the ones I’ve picked out, but I thought that might grab your attention. My two choices are great value and rather gorgeous though. This Monochrome Shift Dress is an absolute bargain at £16, coming a very close second to this Soon Print Cotton Prom Dress for as astonishing £22.

Butterfly sundress
Butterfly Sundress - £25
Next up, M and Co voucher offers. I used to think this was a shop that only appealed to my mother. Oh, more fool me – it is an absolute haven for pretty things, including this brand new Butterfly Sundress for £25 and this Floral Print Prom Dress for £39. Yes, we’re all about the prom dress this week, even though I’m well beyond the age of prom attendance and I never actually went to one this first time around. Thinking about it, this might have some influence over my obsession with them now.

Floral Print Prom Dress - £39
So what shall I write about next week? Dresses again, probably. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever. God bless the prom dress!

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