Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Get the vintage look with some savvy makeup buys...

So, we’ve done clothes. We’ve done homes. We’ve done gardens. We’ve done pretty much everything pretty, as well as a few dashing and suave suit bargains thrown in for good measure. So what haven’t we done? Makeup, that’s what. If you’re going all out for full-on vintage glamour, your look will never be complete unless you’ve got that vintage makeup look down pat too. I’ve decided to concentrate on the three areas I think are important in this respect – brows, lips and cheeks.


Urban Decay Brow Box - Brown Sugarbrow zings

Getting a defined eyebrow is of vital importance. And when I say ‘defined’, I don’t mean ‘plucked to within an inch of its life’. Have some top quality tweezers to hand, of course, but there’s no harm in investing in a few extras tools to keep your eyebrows looking perfect at all times. For starters, this Benefit Cosmetics voucher offer gets you access to their Brow Zings Brow-Shaping Kit, but if you want even more of a discount, use this Look Fantastic voucher code to get 12% off your order, which must, for the sake of those brows, contain this Urban Decay Brow Box.

Smiths Rosebud Salve
Makeup Works Lipstick - Scarlet RougeWhat do you think of when you think of vintage-looking lips? Well, I’m guessing quite a lot of you will answer ‘big’ and ‘bright red’. And I’m not going to argue. That same Look Fantastic voucher code mentioned before can get you a whole heap of rowdy reds to choose from, including this Makeup Works Lipstick in Scarlet Rouge. But for a more subtle, but no less vintagey sheen, use this House of Fraser free online voucher to buy a Smiths Rosebud Salve, reduced from £8 to £5.


dandelionWe’re not talking bronzer here, we’re talking soft pinks and rosy cheeks. Back to the Benefit Cosmetics shopping voucher for such beauties as Dandelion Brightening Face Powder or Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain. Or use the House of Fraser discount voucher for A Wild About Beauty Ultra Sheer Powder Blush in the lovely Lucy shade, reduced from £17.50 to £16.

So don’t forget about those faces and that they could well complete your look. And we haven’t even talked about nails! Maybe that’s for another future post…

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vintage-Look Jewellery and Accessory Bargains

Seeing as I’m planning on stocking up my jewellery supply in the very near future, I think this calls for a post about a few vintage-look jewellery and accessory bargains. Because I like to share my finds with all you folk. I’m nice like that. But when I say ‘jewellery’, I don’t mean the costly kind, I mean the every day, verging on the cheap and cheerful kind because, let’s face it, I’m not really in the position to splash out on such luxuries, and I doubt many of you people are either.

So first up, let’s give a big round of applause to the mecca of not-so-expensive jewellery purchases. Yes I’m talking about Claire’s Accessories. I’m sure I’ve sung their praises here before, but you can’t deny the effect, or lack of, they have on your purse when it comes to cute little pieces. And there’s a current Claire’s Accessories voucher offer that is perfect for plentiful purchases – yes, they’ve got 3 for the price of 2 on all earrings at the moment. So, here are my 3 picks…

These lovely Leaf Drop Clip Earrings for £4.50

 Mini Chandelier EarringsMagnificent Mini Chandelier Earrings for £5.50

Stupendous Sterling Silver Dragonfly Stud Earrings for £5.00

Melissa Pearl Necklace - Coast

Moving onto to other essential accessories, Coast are always worth a look for those slightly more formal occasions. And for some lovely discounts too, of course, such as this Coast voucher code that gets you up to 50% off selected accessories. I adore this Melissa Pearl Necklace, reduced from £38 to £25. And I have equal levels of adoration for this Raegan Bag - a massive reduction from £50 to £29. Remember that wedding outfit post I did a couple of weeks ago? Well, you can add these two to that list now.

Raegan Bag - Coast

Natural Peruvian Green Opal (Ovl 4.45 Ct), W...And you might not know this, but to shop with The Jewellery Channel, you don’t need a television – I found a The Jewellery Channel shoppingvoucher that saves you up to 75% off selected items, such as this *deep breath* Natural Peruvian Green Opal White Topaz Pendant with Chain in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver *and exhale*. And it’s reduced from £34.99 to £23.99. Sold.

So you now know that if you’re search of any pretty vintage-inspired pieces, I’ll be sure to have written a post about something similar. Or am about to in the very near future. At any rate, you don’t want to venture too far…

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How to get that vintage menswear look

I have only just realised that I’ve been completely ignoring approximately half of the population with all my posts so far. Ok, not completely ignoring. There’s nothing to say that men don’t appreciate a vintage homeware bargain or two, but with my last couple of posts, I’ve been guilty of concentrating on nothing but shoes, dresses, more shoes, a bit of jewellery and maybe some more dresses and shoes too. So now I suppose it’s high time I’d better take a look at a few vintage menswear voucher codes. Whether you’re after that Mad Men styling or just want to indulge your retro Adidas addiction, then here are a handful of bargains that are available online so you can achieve your vintage inspired look to the max.

Biscotti Check Heritage Suit JacketNow, the first thing I must mention is this Topman voucher code. And the reason I must mention it first is because it is only valid today (don’t worry if you’re reading this after 14th May because I’ve got plenty more deals for you). So that’s today, 14th May. But enough about the date, the most important thing is that if you go and look on their site, you can get 15% of all suits. Today. 14th May. So go get your vintage slacks pronto.

Calvin Klein Men's Grey Wool Suit
Van Mildert - Calvin Klein Grey Wool

More suits for you if you’re happening to read this late than today. Even though it would be another ‘today’ when you read it, but you get my drift (I hope). So here’s a Van Mildert discount voucher to keep you happy – you can get up to 70% off selected designer purchases and I uncovered this fantastic bargain – a Calvin Klein Men’s Grey Wool Suit reduced from £400 down to just £120. That’s pretty damn fantastic, I think you’ll agree.

Ted Baker Men's Poallu Shoe - Brown
Mankind - Ted Baker Poallu

For all those little extras, there are several places you can go for savings. Try out this Mankind shopping voucher for starters and get 15% off when you spend £60 or more. You can pick up a whole host of stylish grooming goodies as well as the odd accessory or two. I found these Ted Baker Men’s Poallu Shoes in Brown so you don’t have to.

Vans Mens Michoacan Suede Plimsolls Espresso
Vans Men's Plimsolls in Espresso

If you want to add a decade or so to your look, you really need to know about M and M Direct voucher offers. Not only do they have some top notch discounts on plenty of Adidas goodies, but I’ve found another pair of casual shoes for you – these Vans Men’s Plimsolls in Espresso are only £22.75 – that’s a massive £32.24 saving. Don’t ask me to work out the percentage as my mental arithmetic isn’t up to much. Let’s just say it’s over 50%.

So there you go, now nobody can accuse me of any discriminatory behaviour in my vintage bargain hunting…

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How to build a vintage wedding outfit

You can’t argue with the fact that we have appear to have entered wedding season again. And this means two things – buying more lovely stuff – GOOD. Spending heaps of money on it – BAD. But it doesn’t have to be the case, oh no. Ok, you will have to spend a bit of money, granted, but not HEAPS, by any stretch of the imagination. So this week, I’ve decided to do something a little bit different – instead of focusing on just one thing, I’m going to build a wedding outfit for you. Just for you. You don’t HAVE to wear it if you really don’t want to though. I won’t be offended, honest…

SOPHETTE DRESSSo, let’s start with the dress. And for a decent wedding guest outfit, is there really anywhere more perfect than Coast? Not only have I bought bridesmaid dresses from here in the past, but if you want a chic dress for any formal occasion, then they’re bound to have it. And another one or two that will fit the bill probably. Well, with this Coast discount voucher, you can get up to 50% off selected lines, including this rather beautiful Sophette Dress, reduced to £69 from £105. So that’s the first thing ticked of your list…

Secondly, shoes. You can always go and look at last week’s post, which has heap of vintage inspired savings in the shoe form. Or you can use this Daniel Footwear shopping voucher and get these Daniel Tan Derived Women’s Patent Bow Court Shoes. They were £49.99, but are now only £27.99. You’re very welcome.

Next up, jewellery and hair – save a few readies and pop over to Claire’s Accessories. Anyone who says they don’t love Claire’s Accessories is lying. Ok, us vintage-loving ladies over the age of 21 might not be their target market, but sometimes you just can’t resist. And when I say sometimes, I mean all the time. I found this Claire’s Accessories free onlinevoucher  that’s gets you 3 for the price of 2 on earrings and hair bits and bobs including these Perfectly Pearl Large Stud Earrings and Feather Flower Hair Clip. If you’re after a bit more vintage goodness, then head on back to the land of dreamy dresses with this Coast free UK voucher and get 50% off a Delia Hairband (was £30, now £15).

Coral envelope clutch bagAnd last but not least, you can’t attend a wedding without a half decent clutch you know. It’s the law. It’s a good job you’ve got me on hand to point these out for you. And also to find you very useful things like this Dorothy Perkins voucher code so you can purchase this Coral Envelope Clutch Bag. Lovely stuff.

So there you go, a wedding outfit with a vintage twist, just for you. Please return next week for more fabulous vintage savings. You’ll be kicking yourself with your kitten heels otherwise…

Thursday, 2 May 2013

More shoes for your vintage look...

Time for some more vintage shoe savings I think…or more like vintage-inspired shoe savings as these ones are far too lovely to pass up. It’s around about this time, at the beginning of a new season, when you realise you have absolutely no weather appropriate footwear that you fancy taking for a walk. Time to invest in a few new feet treats methinks. So scour those mid-season sales to see if there’s anything in your size, or, alternatively, don’t venture far from the comfort of your own sofa and use one of this fabulous shoe voucher codes to save a few bob on a shiny pair.

Garnett Flats in Taupe

Faith Flats in Lime Green

This week, I’ve discovered not one, but two rather incredible savings. First up, there’s two Moda in Pelle shopping vouchers for you. The first one is valid until 7th May and gets you a rather large 20% off your first order. But fret not – if you miss the deadline to use this, they’re offering you another bite – you can still get 15% off if you use this Moda in Pelle discount voucher before the 31st May. Phew. Panic over. But what to buy to add to your vintage look? Well, aren’t you lucky? I’ve had a little browse so you don’t have to and I’ve picked out these two beauties… Get these Garnett Flats in Taupe (£65.95) or these Faith Flats in Lime Green (£59.95). You don’t have to thank me. Or you can if you want. Manners don’t cost anything.

kaitlin, white by Carvela Kurt Geiger
Kurt Geiger - Kaitlin

Now, you might be thinking that I can’t beat a 20% shoe discount, but you’d be completely and utterly wrong on that count. Because I very much can indeedy. For any shoe fanatic, the words ‘Kurt Geiger’ are enough to get you reaching for your purse. But now you needn’t feel so guilty because this Kurt Geiger free UK voucher gets you 25% off any full price purchase. Yes, you read that right. 25%. Blimey. And here are a few recommendations for your shoe rack…

baldur3, black by Anne Klein
Kurt Geiger - Baldur3

I particularly like these Kaitlin wedges (£75.00), the Baldur3 court shoes by Anne Klein (£55.00) and last but not least, these rather irresistible Charley3 red heels by Nine West (£85). Think how much you could save…

charly3, red by Nine West
Kurt Geiger - Charley3

So please return next week for more ideas on how to replenish your home. And wardrobe. And shoe rack. Or all of the above…