Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Get the vintage look with some savvy makeup buys...

So, we’ve done clothes. We’ve done homes. We’ve done gardens. We’ve done pretty much everything pretty, as well as a few dashing and suave suit bargains thrown in for good measure. So what haven’t we done? Makeup, that’s what. If you’re going all out for full-on vintage glamour, your look will never be complete unless you’ve got that vintage makeup look down pat too. I’ve decided to concentrate on the three areas I think are important in this respect – brows, lips and cheeks.


Urban Decay Brow Box - Brown Sugarbrow zings

Getting a defined eyebrow is of vital importance. And when I say ‘defined’, I don’t mean ‘plucked to within an inch of its life’. Have some top quality tweezers to hand, of course, but there’s no harm in investing in a few extras tools to keep your eyebrows looking perfect at all times. For starters, this Benefit Cosmetics voucher offer gets you access to their Brow Zings Brow-Shaping Kit, but if you want even more of a discount, use this Look Fantastic voucher code to get 12% off your order, which must, for the sake of those brows, contain this Urban Decay Brow Box.

Smiths Rosebud Salve
Makeup Works Lipstick - Scarlet RougeWhat do you think of when you think of vintage-looking lips? Well, I’m guessing quite a lot of you will answer ‘big’ and ‘bright red’. And I’m not going to argue. That same Look Fantastic voucher code mentioned before can get you a whole heap of rowdy reds to choose from, including this Makeup Works Lipstick in Scarlet Rouge. But for a more subtle, but no less vintagey sheen, use this House of Fraser free online voucher to buy a Smiths Rosebud Salve, reduced from £8 to £5.


dandelionWe’re not talking bronzer here, we’re talking soft pinks and rosy cheeks. Back to the Benefit Cosmetics shopping voucher for such beauties as Dandelion Brightening Face Powder or Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain. Or use the House of Fraser discount voucher for A Wild About Beauty Ultra Sheer Powder Blush in the lovely Lucy shade, reduced from £17.50 to £16.

So don’t forget about those faces and that they could well complete your look. And we haven’t even talked about nails! Maybe that’s for another future post…

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