Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How to get that vintage menswear look

I have only just realised that I’ve been completely ignoring approximately half of the population with all my posts so far. Ok, not completely ignoring. There’s nothing to say that men don’t appreciate a vintage homeware bargain or two, but with my last couple of posts, I’ve been guilty of concentrating on nothing but shoes, dresses, more shoes, a bit of jewellery and maybe some more dresses and shoes too. So now I suppose it’s high time I’d better take a look at a few vintage menswear voucher codes. Whether you’re after that Mad Men styling or just want to indulge your retro Adidas addiction, then here are a handful of bargains that are available online so you can achieve your vintage inspired look to the max.

Biscotti Check Heritage Suit JacketNow, the first thing I must mention is this Topman voucher code. And the reason I must mention it first is because it is only valid today (don’t worry if you’re reading this after 14th May because I’ve got plenty more deals for you). So that’s today, 14th May. But enough about the date, the most important thing is that if you go and look on their site, you can get 15% of all suits. Today. 14th May. So go get your vintage slacks pronto.

Calvin Klein Men's Grey Wool Suit
Van Mildert - Calvin Klein Grey Wool

More suits for you if you’re happening to read this late than today. Even though it would be another ‘today’ when you read it, but you get my drift (I hope). So here’s a Van Mildert discount voucher to keep you happy – you can get up to 70% off selected designer purchases and I uncovered this fantastic bargain – a Calvin Klein Men’s Grey Wool Suit reduced from £400 down to just £120. That’s pretty damn fantastic, I think you’ll agree.

Ted Baker Men's Poallu Shoe - Brown
Mankind - Ted Baker Poallu

For all those little extras, there are several places you can go for savings. Try out this Mankind shopping voucher for starters and get 15% off when you spend £60 or more. You can pick up a whole host of stylish grooming goodies as well as the odd accessory or two. I found these Ted Baker Men’s Poallu Shoes in Brown so you don’t have to.

Vans Mens Michoacan Suede Plimsolls Espresso
Vans Men's Plimsolls in Espresso

If you want to add a decade or so to your look, you really need to know about M and M Direct voucher offers. Not only do they have some top notch discounts on plenty of Adidas goodies, but I’ve found another pair of casual shoes for you – these Vans Men’s Plimsolls in Espresso are only £22.75 – that’s a massive £32.24 saving. Don’t ask me to work out the percentage as my mental arithmetic isn’t up to much. Let’s just say it’s over 50%.

So there you go, now nobody can accuse me of any discriminatory behaviour in my vintage bargain hunting…

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