Thursday, 2 May 2013

More shoes for your vintage look...

Time for some more vintage shoe savings I think…or more like vintage-inspired shoe savings as these ones are far too lovely to pass up. It’s around about this time, at the beginning of a new season, when you realise you have absolutely no weather appropriate footwear that you fancy taking for a walk. Time to invest in a few new feet treats methinks. So scour those mid-season sales to see if there’s anything in your size, or, alternatively, don’t venture far from the comfort of your own sofa and use one of this fabulous shoe voucher codes to save a few bob on a shiny pair.

Garnett Flats in Taupe

Faith Flats in Lime Green

This week, I’ve discovered not one, but two rather incredible savings. First up, there’s two Moda in Pelle shopping vouchers for you. The first one is valid until 7th May and gets you a rather large 20% off your first order. But fret not – if you miss the deadline to use this, they’re offering you another bite – you can still get 15% off if you use this Moda in Pelle discount voucher before the 31st May. Phew. Panic over. But what to buy to add to your vintage look? Well, aren’t you lucky? I’ve had a little browse so you don’t have to and I’ve picked out these two beauties… Get these Garnett Flats in Taupe (£65.95) or these Faith Flats in Lime Green (£59.95). You don’t have to thank me. Or you can if you want. Manners don’t cost anything.

kaitlin, white by Carvela Kurt Geiger
Kurt Geiger - Kaitlin

Now, you might be thinking that I can’t beat a 20% shoe discount, but you’d be completely and utterly wrong on that count. Because I very much can indeedy. For any shoe fanatic, the words ‘Kurt Geiger’ are enough to get you reaching for your purse. But now you needn’t feel so guilty because this Kurt Geiger free UK voucher gets you 25% off any full price purchase. Yes, you read that right. 25%. Blimey. And here are a few recommendations for your shoe rack…

baldur3, black by Anne Klein
Kurt Geiger - Baldur3

I particularly like these Kaitlin wedges (£75.00), the Baldur3 court shoes by Anne Klein (£55.00) and last but not least, these rather irresistible Charley3 red heels by Nine West (£85). Think how much you could save…

charly3, red by Nine West
Kurt Geiger - Charley3

So please return next week for more ideas on how to replenish your home. And wardrobe. And shoe rack. Or all of the above…

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