Sunday, 28 July 2013

Everything BUT Dresses...

So, I think I’ve pretty much covered vintage summer dresses recently, but if you’ve come to this post looking for that very thing, then just go visit my last post and I’m sure you’ll find something you like. So now I’m thinking, what shall I cover this week? Summer is all about dresses, after all. So then I thought, when let’s not be too specific, let’s discuss everything BUT dresses. Sorted. Ok, perhaps not EVERYTHING, but let’s just say they’ll be no dresses in this post, ok?

I properly love Ollie and Nic. Seriously. They stock all the jewellery things that make me happy, which is great, but also very dangerous on the old bank account at the same time. Although I have spotted a couple of bargains that won’t do quite as much collateral damage as usual. If you use this Ollie and Nic voucher code, you can save up to 50% off selected items and my personal picks are the Jones Shoulder Zip Top Bag, reduced from £60 to £40 and this Charm Magnetic Bracelet in Blue or Orange that is now only £6 (was £16).

Jones Shoulder Zip Top Bag (Turquoise) - Turquoise
 Chain Magnetic Bracelet (Orange) - Orange/GoldChain Magnetic Bracelet (Blue) - Blue/Gold

I should imagine many of you who read this blog are the sort who shun identikit accessories and are always on the lookout for some a bit more individual. You’re probably willing to spend a bit more time hunting down that perfect item that has a more individuality than the average high street purchase. Well, have you heard of Vendula London? If you’ve haven’t, you’ll be thanking me in approximately 1 minute when you’ve finished reading this paragraph. They’re a online accessory retailer that are developing a bit of a following for their eye-catching designs and strive to produce items that are unlike anything you might find anywhere else. And all you vintage fanatics are going to adore them. I don’t need to say anymore - just use this Vendula London discount voucher to save 10% on your order and look at these two beauties - this He Loves Me Not Clipper Coin Purse is only £11 before discount and this Funky Birds Gaby Round Bag is £52. Oh, and did I mention they’re great value too?

 He Loves Me Not Clipper Coin PurseFunky Birds Gaby Round Bag

What vintage-loving lady doesn’t adore Benefit Cosmetics? And even more so with this Benefit Cosmetics free online voucher that gets you up to 50% off selected items. And in the case of the Full Finish Lipstick, it is actually 50%, now only £7 (was £14). Oh, and also their Velvet Eyeshadow too (was £13.50, now £6.75).

 full-finish lipstickvelvet eyeshadow

So there you go. No dresses. But lots of other stuff to be getting on with. Next week…DRESSES. Just kidding. Maybe…

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