Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A very vintage autumn...

Yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say – IT’S AUGUST! What is this autumn you speak of? Why on earth are you bringing up such things and taking our minds off the glorious sunshine.

Yeah, ok. I get your point. But I’m not the only one. The shops are already full of winter coats and full-length jeans and cardigans and boots, so lay off a bit. And anyway, before we know it, the evenings will be drawing in, the open fires will be lit, and we’ll all be swimming in autumnal clichés. My point is, you need to be prepared. So start rifling through that wardrobe and see what needs replacing. And then check out these vintage-inspired fashion savings…

We’re back to an old favourite with this Joy voucher code. It may be the sale stock, but there’s plenty here that will keep you warm when required. And it’s always an extra incentive when you get an extra 10% off. My picks are the Louche Layton Stripe Spot Collar Dress and the Louche Tisa Striped Jumper Dress, with both of them coming in at under £20 each when you use the discount.

Louche Layton Stripe Spot Collar DressLouche Tisa Striped Jumper Dress

Rock My Vintage is very much a staple here too, mainly because they stock lovely vintage garments, in case you hadn’t already guessed. And also because this Rock My Vintage discount voucher saves you 8% on your order, which also helps tremendously. Check out their new autumn collection of dresses and accessories, with my personal favourites being the Orion Charlotte Dress and the Darling Fifi Dress.

Orion Charlotte DressDarling Fifi Dress

I’ve only just discovered Pop Couture – what exactly have I been doing with my life up until now? I love their range and I especially love their prices. This Pop Couture UK coupon code makes them even more enticing with a rather substantial 30% off when you spend £35 or more. And you can also check out their wealth of sale stock for some wintry winners, including this Beda Cross Jumper in Red reduced to only £16 and this Camden Smile Motif Sweatshirt in Green for only £7. Because 90s is vintage too, in my humble opinion.

Beda Cross Jumper in RedCamden  Smile Motif Sweatshirt In Green

So don’t go panic buying when you’re starting to freeze in your chiffon and cotton combos - start planning now instead. I’ll be posting lots more autumn fashion discount codes as they come in, so stay tuned…

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