Thursday, 10 October 2013

Vintage Menswear Picks for the Autumn

I think I’ve spent far too long going on about autumn fashion in the female department and nowhere near long enough talking about boys clothes. And by nowhere near long enough I mean not at all. Well, I’m now about to rectify this so I no longer feel so guilty. Yes, men need stylish knitwear too, so here’s a crop of current menswear voucher codes that might satisfy your vintage craving without having to break the autumn budget…

First up, yet another very limited availability discount voucher, this one only being valid until 11th October 2013. THAT’S TOMORROW FOLKS! Anyway, this Boden free online voucher not only gets you 15% off your order, but also free delivery to boot. So you might as well stock up on autumnal garments for the whole family. But for the guys, they’ve got a wide selection of Vintage Chinos that will be the staple of many a wintry wardrobe, and why not finish the look of with this Everyday Jacket in Camel Cord (£99)?

Everyday Jacket (Camel Cord)

Stuarts London are an excellent small retailer specialising in much sought after brands, and you can use this rather handy Stuarts London voucher code to get your hands on knitwear that simply oozes trendy, vintage vibes. Just look at this Gabicci Vintage 1973 Bray Sweater – was £75, now only £52.50. And this Vintage The Farley Dusty Red Jumper – was £70, now only an amazing £29.99.

All you boy fashionistas really need to check out Officers Club for a great range of seasonal discounts and deals. With this Officers Club shopping voucher, get £5 off your order when you spend £60 or more and contribute to that £60 or more with this Men’s BC London Burgundy Polo Shirt for £19.99 and these Men’s Tan Tarnished Soul Brogue-Style Lace Up Smart Shoes for £26.99.

Mens BC London Burgundy Polo ShirtMen's Tan Twisted Soul Brogue Style Lace Up Smart Shoes

So you see, boys deserve reasonably priced and stylish autumn and winter gear too. Look out for some upcoming posts on autumnal make up and quite possibly a few Vintage Christmas Present Guides. And yes, that does deserve to be in capital letters. And please don’t hit me for mentioning the C word in October.

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