Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Shiny Shoes for Autumn Blues

Of course, around these parts there is no such thing as the autumn blues. I love the autumn, as you might have already guessed from the amount of autumn vintage fashion blogs I’ve been posting recently. But it rhymes with ‘shoes’, so….there you go. Anyway, if you’re not quite ready for winter boots yet, but think you summery ballet pumps are just a bit too…summery for the September/October climate, then think about picking up a pretty shoe bargain to see you through to the oncoming Big Chill. Here are a few offers I’ve unearthed that will go nicely with the black opaque tights you’ve been dying to wear for the last month or so...

With these Shoetique voucher codes, not only do you have the option to browse those pairs on clearance, but they’re also offering 10% off all their Autumn/Winter 2013 range until the end of September. So, you might want to go for this Clarks Alfresco CafĂ© Teal Leather lovelies for £59.95 (minus 10% of course) or these Lunar Shoes in Tan that are reduced from £45 to £22.50.

Clarks Shoes Alfresco Cafe Teal LeatherLunar Shoes FLH333 Tan

Moda in Pelle always have a good Moda in Pelle discount voucher to tempt you with (funny that), and this season is no exception. If you haven’t ordered form them before, firstly, why not? Secondly, take this opportunity to do just that as you can get 20% off your shiny shoes if you’re a first time customer. There is no greater incentive. And that’s not it – they’ve also got a load of lovely pairs on reduction too, like these Hassie Shoes, now only £29.95 (were £65.95) and these gorgeous Eight Shoes – now only £29.95 (were £59.95).

Now, I’m going to cheat here a bit. I know I said I wasn’t going to mention shoes, but… I was rifling through the offers from All Sole and I found these Hunter Women’s Original Tall Gloss Wellies in Graphite reduced from £85 to £59.50. And we all need wellies, right? Especially if they’re Hunter ones. So fill your, er, boots.

Hunter Women's Original Tall Gloss Wellies - Graphite

And the autumnal vintage fashion tips don’t stop here. I’m thinking winter boots next week? Or perhaps men’s fashion? Who knows? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Monday, 16 September 2013

Winter Coat Wonderland

You might have already guessed that this week’s post is all about the winter coat, because it is something that has been very much on my mind recently. I’ve been wearing the same one for far too long now, partly because I love it so and partly because I’ve been unable to find anything that can compete with it for my love. And I’m still searching. If you’re in the same position, here are a few vintage-look deals that I’ve dug up…

Now before we mention anything else, let’s just ring the emergency ONE DAY ONLY Marks and Spencer voucher code klaxon shall we? *rings klaxon*. The voucher code in question gives you 20% off pretty much everything. And the ONE DAY ONLY in question is today, Tuesday 16th September 2013. So if you’re reading this after that date, many apologies, but keep reading on as you might find something else that suits. In terms of winter coat cravings, there are these two beauties. The Per Una Italian Fabric Funnel Neck Tweed Belted Jacket is reduced from £79 to £63 and this M&S Collection Double Breasted Funnel Neck Coat is not only a stunning colour, but also just £44 (was £55).

Per Una Italian Fabric Funnel Neck Tweed Belted Jacket with WoolM&S Collection Double Breasted Funnel Neck Coat

So what about non-emergency winter coat coupon codes then? Good old Joy. You can always rely on Joy, whatever the weather. Although thinking about it, you might not be able to take advantage of this Joy discount code that gets you 10% off your first order, because if you’ve followed all my other Joy recommendations in the past, you’ll have ordered from them at least half a dozen times before. Am I right? Anyway, on the off chance you haven’t you can get a deal on this gorgeous Louche Verity Coat.

Simply Be are well worth a look if you are in possession of beautiful curves because sometimes clothes from other clothes stores don’t seem to appreciate to intricacies of the fuller figure. For example, just because you’re ordering a size 16, this doesn’t mean you have overly long legs or arms too. Get it right other clothing stores! Anyway, back to the coats – this Simply Be free online voucher gets you 20% off your entire order, so why not try out this Spirit and Sands Short Jacket? (£65 before discount).

Spirit & Sands Short Jacket

I’m fairly sure I’ve not mentioned Masdings before but I know not why because they have some lovely stuff. If you’re buying for the first time, this Masdings shopping voucher saves you 10% on your purchase and I spied this Superdry Avengers Pea Coat that’s £105 before reduction.

Superdry Avengers Pea Coat

One last thing this week… everyone loves a freebie and those who don’t are telling porkies. Well, I’ve found this excellent competition that could bag you £250 worth of vouchers for Mint Velvet. And if you haven’t heard of Mint Velvet, just take a look at their pretty wares. So enter without delay to be in with a shot of picking out some of the pretty wares for free.

Wine Moleskin Coat

So until next time, when I’ll be sure to bring you something else suitably weather appropriate.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Let's Accessorize Autumn

So in the last post, we talked about new/old vintage-inspired autumnal fashion. But what self-respecting new season wardrobe would be complete without some matching accessories? ‘No self-respecting new season wardrobe’ is the correct answer to that question. So of course, I’m here to point you in the right direction as always.

Warehouse is very much a high street favourite, but if you haven’t shopped online with them before, then you’re missing out on a bargain or two. Especially when you can get access to all the sales gear that probably won’t be in your local branch. Some of it, granted, but not ALL of it. So back to that accessories issue – with this Warehouse voucher code, you can get up to 75% off selected ones and here’s my pick of the lot… A Clean Bowling Bag, reduced from £36 to just £20 and Faux Snake Pouch Clutch in this season’s must-have pink shade, reduced from £15 to £10.

Clean Bowling BagFaux Snake Pouch Clutch

Lovely jewellery – buying it certainly isn’t a chore, whether it’s for you or for another person who might not appreciate it as much as you. Search online for cheaper prices and more unusual pieces if you like a shiny bargain, like with this Ernest Jones discount voucher, for example - it can make you a nice little saving on selected pearl jewellery. This 9ct White Gold Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Pendant is reduced from £90 to £45.

9ct white gold cultured freshwater pearl pendant - Product number 6840469

Back to the bags. Just because. Now, all you high street bargain hunters out there, please be aware that this Dorothy Perkins free online voucher gets you 25% off absolutely everything until 8th September. So for a VERY limited time only then, which means you’d better take a look as soon as you’ve finished reading this post if you know what’s good for you. To help you out a bit accessory-wise, here’s few handy pointers to perfection – before discount, this Red Oversized Chiffon Scarf is only £7 and this Black/Cream Buckle Satchel is £28. So with the discount, together they’re only… *does mental arithmetic and absolutely DOES NOT get out calculator* £26.25! So, fill you boots with autumnal goodness. Like, I said, RIGHT NOW. Or once you’ve read the next couple of sentences.

So I’ll be back next week with more autumnal fashion or homeware bargains. Or both. Who knows? Certainly not me at the moment.