Thursday, 31 October 2013

Give your home a pre-Christmas treat

Something a bit different this week. I’m not going to talk about winter clothes OR Christmas for a change. Shocking, I know. Ok, so that’s not strictly true – I might mention Christmas in passing, but only as a reference point. Let me explain… it’s at about this time of year that I realise how shabby all my home furnishings are. Every January I make a New Year’s resolution to invest in a new chair/sofa/rug etc and every year, something else gets in the way and I put it off. But if you’re more organised than me and want to spruce up your furniture bits before Christmas then here are a few choice vintagey picks…

Habitat is a chic as it comes on the high street but ordering online with this Habitat voucher code can get you 10% off when you sign up to their newsletter. And 10% equates to quite a bit if you’re buying a larger item, like this Wilmot 2 Seat Sofa or this Ella Fabric Armchair, for example.

WILMOT red fabric 2 seat sofa with multi-coloured buttonsELLA fabric armchair

Dunelm Mill might not be an obvious choice for any vintage-inspired items, but don’t dismiss them out of hand if you’re looking for a bargain. This Gatsby Sofa is currently 20% off, reduced to £479.99, their Mauve Bardot Velvet Armchair is 30% off at £125.99 and if you’ve got a vintage-loving sprog on your hands, this Kid’s Pink Toulouse 1 Drawer Nightstand is 50%, now down to £24.99.

Gatsby SofaMauve Bardot Velvet Armchair

More armchairs you say? Well, I think I’ve got another beauty up my sleeve. With this The Range discount voucher, you can get 15% off selected items including a Martini Swivel Chair, reduced from £67.00 to £49.99.

Martini Swivel Chair - Black

So that’s your lot for this week. Enjoy all your new chairs and sofas, but make them a priority before you start decorating the tree, or it might be another year before you get around to thinking about them again. If you’re anything like me that is…

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Christmas Gift Guide Part 1 - Vintage Wall Art

So welcome to the first of my little Christmas Gift Guides. I haven’t quite yet made up my mind whether I’m going to one every week. I guess it depends of how long it takes me to get fed up with Christmas. Anyway, expect a hiatus or two from it at any rate – I promise they’ll be a few posts where I won’t mention Christmas once in the next few weeks.

The reason I’ve chosen wall art for this post is because I like vintage posters and I wish I had more of them. My problem right now is that I buy them and then store them away with every intention of framing them and my poor walls are all the poorer for said posters staying in their cardboard tubes for months on end. I think my New Year’s resolution will be to frame every poster within two weeks of receiving it (funds permitting). So if you know anyone who’s like me, then you might want to add to their poster (and cardboard tube) collection with these specials…

Where is the prettiest place on the high street? Oliver Bonas of course. But ordering online might be slightly easier on your purse with this Oliver Bonas voucher code that saves you 10% on your order. And as seeing as this post is all about the vintage wall art, I bring you a Vintage British Isles Map Frame and a Vintage London Underground Map Frame, both priced at £65, minus the 10% when you use the voucher code, obviously.

Photo ofPhoto of

If you want you pick of pretty much every vintage poster in existence then all you have to do is use this shopping voucher. It’s that easy. Oh, and you get 25% off too. Even easier. I’m sure you don’t need tempting any further, but just in case, here’s a small selection of their offerings…

With all these vintage poster voucher codes, I really am spoiling you. But I’m not finished yet, oh no. Last but not least it’s these GB Posters discount codes can get you either 20% off posters or 20% off frames. And here’s my pick of their rather impressive bunch – this Great Wave of Kanagawa Giant Poster and this Ge Feng Barcode Girl Maxi Poster. Enjoy.


I’m not going to tell what my Christmas Gift Guide Part Deux will consist of because, to be honest, I haven’t the foggiest myself just yet…

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autumn Makeup Makeover

If you have your favourite vintage makeup look, think about adapting it for the change in the weather – you can still stick with your beloved red lips, but perhaps adapt your eye shadow shade slightly, or ditch the bright summery nails, and go for some more muted, wintry colours. Everyone likes a change now and again…

velvet eyeshadow

So how can how can I help you achieve you autumnal look?  Buy finding you some cheaper cosmetics, of course! First up, it’s every vintage girl’s favourite brand, Benefit. Yes, they’re not exactly famous for their low price tags, but just look at this Benefit voucher code and you could take advantage of up to 50% off selected items. This includes their Velvet Eye Shadow, reduced from £13.50 to £6.75 in the rather seasonal and on-trend shade of ‘Where There’s Smoke’.

Direct Cosmetics are always my go-top online shop for bargain branded makeup, so I would highly recommend you make them your first port of call too. Shimmer with this L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Varnish in Ornimental Gold, now only a teeny-tiny £1.80, or this Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen in Tu Tu Mocha for an even teenier-tinier £1.49.

Color Riche by L Oreal Nail Varnish 5ml Ornimental GoldHard as Nails by Sally Hansen Nail Polish 13ml Tu Tu Mocha

If you love looking for cheap cosmetics in Superdrug when you’re on the high street, there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever why you can’t do it from the comfort of your own sofa too. This current Superdrug discount voucher is offering you buy 1 get 1 half price on selected L’Oreal makeup, including these L’Oreal Color Riche (again, yes I know, but they do have some fabulous shades at the moment) Made For Me Naturals. My pick of the autumnal colours are Berry Blush and Blush Fever (they’re not blushers, honest).

L'Oreal Color Riche Made for Me Naturals Berry BlushL'Oreal Color Riche Made for Me Naturals Blush Fever

So hopefully this will get you off to a good start with your autumn colour palette. Remember, no fluorescent shades. And if it doubt, go with the red lipstick every time…

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Vintage Menswear Picks for the Autumn

I think I’ve spent far too long going on about autumn fashion in the female department and nowhere near long enough talking about boys clothes. And by nowhere near long enough I mean not at all. Well, I’m now about to rectify this so I no longer feel so guilty. Yes, men need stylish knitwear too, so here’s a crop of current menswear voucher codes that might satisfy your vintage craving without having to break the autumn budget…

First up, yet another very limited availability discount voucher, this one only being valid until 11th October 2013. THAT’S TOMORROW FOLKS! Anyway, this Boden free online voucher not only gets you 15% off your order, but also free delivery to boot. So you might as well stock up on autumnal garments for the whole family. But for the guys, they’ve got a wide selection of Vintage Chinos that will be the staple of many a wintry wardrobe, and why not finish the look of with this Everyday Jacket in Camel Cord (£99)?

Everyday Jacket (Camel Cord)

Stuarts London are an excellent small retailer specialising in much sought after brands, and you can use this rather handy Stuarts London voucher code to get your hands on knitwear that simply oozes trendy, vintage vibes. Just look at this Gabicci Vintage 1973 Bray Sweater – was £75, now only £52.50. And this Vintage The Farley Dusty Red Jumper – was £70, now only an amazing £29.99.

All you boy fashionistas really need to check out Officers Club for a great range of seasonal discounts and deals. With this Officers Club shopping voucher, get £5 off your order when you spend £60 or more and contribute to that £60 or more with this Men’s BC London Burgundy Polo Shirt for £19.99 and these Men’s Tan Tarnished Soul Brogue-Style Lace Up Smart Shoes for £26.99.

Mens BC London Burgundy Polo ShirtMen's Tan Twisted Soul Brogue Style Lace Up Smart Shoes

So you see, boys deserve reasonably priced and stylish autumn and winter gear too. Look out for some upcoming posts on autumnal make up and quite possibly a few Vintage Christmas Present Guides. And yes, that does deserve to be in capital letters. And please don’t hit me for mentioning the C word in October.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wintry Boots

Another thing to look forward to in the autumn – buying new boots to keep your tootsies warm.  It’s always worth browsing your local charity shops for the perfect pair at the perfect price, but what if you want to something brand new to break in? Well, I had a look through a few winter boot voucher codes and discounts so you don’t have to and I’ve come up with the goods…

First things first – it time to sound the emergency very, very limited voucher code klaxon. Not ten minutes ago, I discovered a brilliant Brantano discount voucher that gets you an amazing 30% off everything for today only. And that’s today, Wednesday 2nd October, in case you were wondering. So if your today is a different day to that one, many apologies and better luck next time. So what have they got in the way of vintage-inspired booties? How about Emilio Luca X George Boots – were £42, but just £27.72 with the discount? Or maybe these gorgeous Caravellle Poppy Boots, now reduced to £21.12. But remember, it’s only valid for 2nd October… (that’s today today, which is hopefully your today too).

GeorgePoppy Boot

For those reading after the dramatic discount code event above, worry not – you can still take advantage of these All Sole shopping vouchers, because they’re valid until 7th October. Get 15% off when you spend £65 or more, or 25% off when you spend £100 or more. They’ve got a lovely seasonal selection at the moment, but my top picks are these H by Hudson Women’s Brock Suede Heeled Cowboy Boots in Black or Tan. (£160 before discount).

H by Hudson Women's Brock Suede Heeled Cowboy Boots - BlackH by Hudson Women's Brock Suede Heeled Cowboy Boots - Tan

Office free online vouchers always worth checking out – not only do they have a rather wide range, but their sale prices are pretty spectacular too. And aren’t you in luck, because they happen to be slap bang in the middle of a mid-season sale right now. Huzzah! These Hudson Camino Square Toe Boots in Tan Leather are reduced from £180 to £125, and these Office Understated Chelsea Boots in Beige Suede are a bargain, reduced from £45 to just £20.

It won’t be long before the really cold weather hits, so stock up on your tights, togs and toe-warmers now before you get caught out in the frost. And have to pay full price.