Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bridesmaid Themed Voucher Codes Continued

Yes, I’m sticking with the bridesmaid theme, but only for another week. Or maybe next week too… Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Anyway, I was going to highlight a few different items again, but I fell down a shoe hole and couldn’t get out again, sorry, although I’m sure you’re not going to complain about the prospect of a whole blog post for of shoes now, are you? Good. So as I mentioned last week, there is a vintage theme to this wedding, but shoe wise, I’m kind of limited with the colour. My dress is navy satin, so I’m sticking with black or navy for the shoes. And peep toes are out of the question because a) it’s winter and I’ll be wearing thick tights and b) it’s winter and I don’t want to get cold toes.

So what have I uncovered? Well, read on and find out…

First up, this Brantano voucher code is rather magnificent as it gets you a whopping 30% off everything until 2nd February, and hidden amongst the many gems are these Emilio Luca X Wide Fit Party Knot Heels, reduced from £28 to £19.60 with the discount. Unfortunately, and it pains me to write this, but they don’t have any left in my size. Gutted. Anyway, onwards and upwards…they’ve also got these Emilio Luca X Stacey Twist Heels, reduced from £26 to £18.20.

Want posh shoes? Check out this Kurt Geiger discount voucher which gets you up to 50% off selected pairs. I’ve found these Lara Carvela Kurt Geiger Heels (were £100, now an amazing £39). And if you can’t find anything in the sale, don’t forget to use the other Kurt Geiger coupon code that gets you 10% of your items when you sign up to their newsletter. Amongst the full price pairs, I uncovered these Atom Carvela Kurt Geiger Heels (reduced from £85 to £76.50 with the discount) and the Clove Miss KG Heels (reduced from £50 to £45 with the discount).

lara, black/other by Carvela Kurt Geigeratom, black/other by Carvela Kurt GeigerCLOVE

The House of Fraser clearance site is an absolute treasure trove of well, treasure. And you can access it right here. I trawled through hundreds of pairs of shoes to dig up these beauties that fit my brief – the Lotus Dinara Formal Shoes (were £39.99, now £24), the Lotus Holly Casual Shoes (were £59.99, now £36), the Lotus Suzita Casual Shoes (were £55, now £33) and last but not least the Lotus Chantille Formal Shoes (were £65, now £36). (yes, I know they’re peep toe, but it’s only tiny and they’re so pretty…)

Dinara formal shoesHolly casual shoesLotus suzita casual shoes

Seriously, there are loads. I found heaps more with the Debenhams coupon code and lots of wide fit heels with the Simply Be offers, but I don’t want to start boring you with shoes. Not that shoes are boring or anything.

I’ll let you know next week what I end up picking out…

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