Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Footwear from Back in the Day

I’m talking more inspired by back in the day rather from actually back in the day, but by using these Brantano voucher codes, Daniel Footwear voucher codes and Soletrader voucher codes you can still get that 60s, 70, 80s and even 90s look (for the purposes of this post, I’m going to go with 90s being vintage - it was 20 years ago after all, even though that makes us all feel REALLY old). And now is very much the perfect time to pick up a summer footwear bargain in those sales…

With those fabulous Brantano voucher codes, you can take advantage of one of their occasional amazing discounts – up until the 30th July, you can use Brantano voucher codes to save a whopping 30% off the cost of your order. And even if you’re reading this AFTER that date, I’ve noticed they might still be offering a sneaky saving or two – keep your vintage-loving eyes peeled. After a quick peek, here are my top three Brantano picks…

Lotus Trini (were £60, now £42 with discount)

Lotus Limnos (were £45, now £31.50 with discount)

Lotus Nerissa (were £50, now £35 with discount)

Daniel Footwear voucher codes do require you to have a few more pounds put aside but they’re still worth a look, especially if you want to get your hands on some designer brands for a bit less. And with Daniel Footwear voucher codes can get you up to 80% off selected pairs… I’ve gone with some 70s inspired wedge sandals and some classic Vivienne Westwood footwear to show you how you Daniel Footwear voucher codes can help you get a retro look…

Daniel Pink Bluestreak Wedge Sandals (were £99.99, now £48.99)

Vivienne Westwood Pink Melissa VW Lady Dragon Bow Shoes (were £149, now £67)

And lastly, those Soletrader voucher codes. They can get you up to 50% off selected styles, with everything from 60s boho flat sandals to 80s-inspired jelly shoes. Using these Soletrader voucher codes, I’ve picked out three pairs that cover a number of time periods and budgets…

SOLE Akari Sandals
SOLE Akari Sandals (were £54.99, now £45)

Juju Jellies Babe Sandals
Juju Jellies Babe Sandals (were £26.99, now £25)

See By Chloe Espadrille Wedge Sandals
See by Chloe Espadrille Wedge Sandals (were £249, now £129.99)

Because nothing says 90s summer like an espadrille wedge sandal, right? If you follow the links, you can check out even more Brantano voucher codes, Daniel Footwear voucher codes and Soletrader voucher codes, and well as hundreds more vintage-inspired pairs…

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