Monday, 24 October 2016

4 Crimes Against Practical Fashion

We’ve all made fashion mistakes over the years and luckily, vintage clothing is here to not only remind us of it, but also let us re-assess it and view it in a new light. However, there are some fashion mistakes that keep getting made, generation after generation, and these have nothing to do with following styles or trends.

Women have long accepted the fact that some fashion means having to sacrifice a certain degree of comfort. Wearing heels is the classic example of course, but there is another layer to this problem, one that should have been eliminated long ago – crimes against practical fashion. By this I mean certain uncomfortable or annoying fashion ticks that are completely avoidable…

No Pockets

We can understand many vintage dresses being pocket-less because they were designed in the days when no one had to carry around cumbersome smartphones but in this day and age, there’s really no excuse. Every single dress every made can be improved by the addition of pockets. And it’s not like they look terrible – pockets are cute! And necessary!

Dresses without pockets are bad enough, but can you actually believe that in this day and age there are still shops designing and selling COATS without pockets? And jeans! But there’s one thing that’s even worse than the no-pockets crime against practical fashion – the use of fake pockets. This is just cruel.

If you want the best chance of avoiding pocket issues, may I suggest Debenhams promo codes as a potential solution? Here you can pick from a large number of different designers and brands, as well examine their garments close up for any evidence of pocket crimes.

Debenhams Principles Winter Coat


Just tights in general. No specifics required. Unfortunately for most women who want to wear dresses or skirts, there aren’t too many ways around this one, apart from perhaps doing some trial and error research into what tights best fit your shape. I don’t think there’s a woman alive who hasn’t put a pair on in the morning and spent the rest of the day trying to discreetly pull them up every two minutes or so, convinced they must have been designed by someone who’s never worn tights in their entire life. UK Tights discount vouchers could offer some relief with their savings on high-end brands because, as with so many things in life, the more you spend on those tights means there’s much less chance of you wanting to rip them to shreds as soon as you take them off.

UK Tights


This is quite a broad topic in itself, but worth pointing out all the same. Fair enough, everyone is a different shape and size and it would be impossible for every garment to fit every single person perfectly. But anyone who’s ever had to buy something in a size 16 or larger will appreciate that there seems to a lack of understanding about how women’s bodies work – just because someone has larger thighs, this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t go in at the waist. And for some reason, many clothes for curvier women assume that everything has to be baggy. It really doesn’t. And why are sizes so dramatically different from shop to shop? It’s about time someone did some up to date research on women’s body shapes and tailored (no apologies for pun) their styles accordingly.

However, there is some good news - many plus size shoppers assume they are still limited when it comes to choice but with savings like Elvi promotional codes, fashion lovers of all sizes can get access to stylish contemporary clothing for curvier women from a site that seems to make fashion the priority.

Elvi Suede Dress

Inconvenient Zips

Zips can be a blessing and a curse. A well-placed zip can allow you to fit into a garment you might have otherwise written off as far too small, but then again, a broken or faulty zip can consign the perfect skirt, dress or pair of trousers to the never-wear-again pile. But whereas there is a solution to a broken zip (if you can be bothered to replace it), an inconveniently-placed zip is another matter altogether. You know when you find the perfect dress, but in order to do it up properly at the back, you require another person to help you? Although not a problem if you have another person to hand on a regular basis, this becomes slightly more problematic if you live on your own. So in short, if an awkward sip is required to make a dress fit properly, then perhaps a design re-think is required.

Some of these (POCKETS) can be more easily rectified than others, but if you want to give fashion a bit of push in the right direction, why not vote with your bank balances and shop with retailers that get these things right? If enough of us do this, then perhaps others will follow suit in the future…

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