Wednesday, 30 November 2016

3 Ways to Make Your Christmas a Bit More Vintage

After a few weeks spent on vintage-look fashion, I thought I’d put that to one side and focus on impending festivities. There’s something inherently vintage about Christmas celebrations anyway, what with obsessing over Christmas hits and flicks of years past, but if you want to inject even more retro into the season of goodwill, here are a few things you might want to consider.

Classic Christmas Films

As of December 1st, we can all watch as many Christmas movies as we want without it feeling awkward and out of place, and what better way to get into the spirit of the season than by filling your weekends and evening with classic Christmas film fare? It’s a Wonderful Life is an obvious contender but you might also want to dig out copies of the original Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol and White Christmas.

However, these titles are very much the definition of classic vintage, and understandably so, because the 1950s and thereabouts is probably the era that first springs to mind when we hear the phrase ‘vintage Christmas’. But for those of us of a certain age, vintage can mean many different eras – if 80s styles are classed as retro, why can’t 80s films be too? And there’s certainly no shortage of 80s Christmas films to enjoy – think Santa Claus: The Movie (John Lithgow at his finest), Scrooged (the combination of Bill Murray and Christmas is a welcome one) and even Die Hard. Yes, Die Hard. And if you’re short of any of these titles, you can use Zavvi discount codes to save on a few before peak-season with a 10% introductory saving.

Retro Christmas Decorations

There are two types of people – those who have a set Christmas decoration theme and stick to it, and those who just chuck everything on the tree and bask in the dazzling combination of coloured fairy lights, twenty-year-old ornaments made at primary school and knackered looking fairy at the top of the tree. I’m not passing judgement on either category, but if you fall into the former and want to give your decorations a vintage twist this year then you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty available without having to spend hours at Christmas fairs sourcing the genuine articles (although you can still to that too of course).

Many retailers now stock a wide-range of vintage look decorations including those found with House of Fraser promo codes – you can save up to 50% off a wider number of items including the Linea Nutcracker Stocking (was £16, now £8).

Vintage Cards and Wrapping

Ok, so vintage-look Christmas cards aren’t exactly thin on the ground at this time of year - you can pick up a snowy Victorian scene in pretty much any corner shop or newsagents. But perhaps you want something a little bit more, dare I say, classy? Lots of contemporary retailers are now combining the stylish with the retro look when it comes to Christmas cards and wrapping, and Paperchase promotional codes are top of the pack. Right now, you can get 3 for the price of 2 of a large choice of cards and wrapping including their Retro Santa Charity Christmas Cards.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vintage Christmas tips and is very much for those who might not have the time or inclination for homemade vintage projects, but keep any eye out for more retro Christmas posts in the next few weeks for further inspiration!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Black Friday Deals to Save on Your Dream Vintage Dress

Black Friday isn’t just about queuing up for a cheap washing machine or TV – you can make use of many an online discount to rejuvenate your wardrobe too. And what better garment to illustrate this with than the vintage dress? Of course, I’m not talking about the genuine articles (although I’m sure you can find those at great prices online too), but rather the fabulous vintage-inspired dresses that are now readily available from large retailers as well as small.

I’ve found three such retailers that have some great Black Friday discounts available right now (yes, before Black Friday has even kicked off), so make sure you get your hands on what you want early before it sells out…

La Redoute

Everyone knows that when it comes to fashion, the French do it so much better, but this isn’t just limited to the catwalk. French styling is available here in the UK from La Redoute, and with La Redoute voucher codes, you can secure a huge 40% saving in celebration of Black Friday. Here are 3 dresses that caught my eye, but with this discount available site-wide, you can have your pick of the vintage loveliness…

You can rock a 70s vibe with the R Edition High Neck Ruffled Dress (was £35, now £21 with discount), the R Edition Frilled Dress (was £39, now £23.40 with discount) or the R Edition Softly Draping Midi Dress (was £39, now £23.40 with discount).

House of Fraser

For a wider choice, head off to one of your favourite department store sites because there’s plenty of vintage-look garments hidden in their extensive Black Friday selections. House of Fraser discount vouchers offer one such avenue with up to 50% off in their Black Friday sale and there’s plenty of designer goodness to browse...

One of the bargains of the week has to be the Yumi Vintage Lace Dress (was £55, now only £27), or if you want something to help you channel your inner 20s flapper girl then there’s the Biba Metallic Fringed Knee Length Jersey Dress (was £99, now £59.40). Or for something even more glamorous, try the Ariella Midi Jacquard Dress (was £180, now £126).

Karen Millen

The combination of classic and contemporary means that a Karen Millen dress is a very sought-after garment indeed. But if you think one is probably out of your price range then Karen Millen promo codes might give you cause to think again because their Black Friday deal gets you 25% off your purchases.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the 60s inspired Graphic Panel Pencil Dress (was £160, now £105) or Zip-Front Dress (was £180, now £115). Or if you’d rather have something a bit more up to date, go 90s casual with the Karen Millen Sporty Polo Dress (was £170, now £110).

So there you go - grab your vintage dress while you can. Well, while you can at a great price. The good thing about vintage is that its available all year-round!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

4 Ways to Channel Your Fave Era Through Winter Footwear

Now, I was going to focus on a variety of different types of footwear for this post, but thanks to Clarks promo codes, I’m just going to go with boots. This is partly because they’re the things you’re most likely to want to purchase in the current cold temperatures, and partly because they have a very good offer on until 13th November that saves you 20% on all adult boots. As you would expect from one of the nation’s favourite shoe retailers they’ve got the quality side of things covered, but going through their current range, I’ve found they’ve got a number of our favourite vintage eras covered too…


When I think of 1960s-style boots, I think knee-length, glossy and with a significant but solid heel. Luckily there are a few pairs available with Clarks promotional codes that fit the 1960s bill including the Nevella Nova Boots in Tan (£110 before discount), the Kendra Glove Boots in Black Leather (£125 before discount) and the Othea Rose Boots in Tan Leather (£150 before discount)…

Clarks Nevella Nova BootsClarks Kendra Glove Boots

Clarks Othea Rose Boots


The 1970s style of boot isn’t that dissimilar to those of the previous decade, but with some additional flourishes. They tend to have chunkier soles and heels and the fashion wasn’t just for the knee-high type of boot – think mid-calf or ankle boots too, and some with lace ups. There’s plenty of 70s goodness available from Clarks right now including the Othea Ruby Boots in Sand Snake (£95 before discount), the Kendra Porter Boots in Aubergine (£80 before discount) and the Gabriel Mix Boots in Tan Leather (£95 before discount)…

Clarks Othea Ruby BootsClarks Kendra Porter BootsClarks Gabriel Mix Boots


One of my most significant memories of 80s footwear is wanting a pair of pixie boots but never being granted permission to get some by my mother. Thankfully I have no such problems these days because not only am I a fully-grown adult who buys her own boots, but pixie boots are very much a fashion staple again. This winter Clarks have got styles such as the Breccan Shine Boots in Navy Suede (£70 before discount), the Christabel Eva Boots in Tan Suede (£90 before discount) and the Dinah Star Boots in Black Suede (£80 before discount), which also have a touch of the 1970s about them too…

Clarks Breccan Shine BootsClarks Christabel Eva BootsClarks Dinah Star Boots


For many the 90s were all about comfort – chunky lace ups made for stomping on other words. And for those of us old enough to remember stomping about in our DMs during that particular decade, we now welcome with open arms the chance to wear comfortable footwear again. If you don’t want to go down the DM route, try the Orinoco Spice Boots in Black Leather (£60 before discount), the Minoa River Boots in Black Leather (£100 before discount) or the Balmer Thea Boots in Black Leather (£65 before discount), the last one with a very 90s heel there…

Clarks Orinoco Spice BootsClarks Minoa River BootsClarks Balmer Thea Boots

And don’t forget, you can save 20% on all these vintage-look styles until 13th November with Clarks discount codes. The perfect opportunity to get at least part of your winter essentials shop out of the way in one swift move.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Vintage Style Winter Coats from Your Department Store Faves

Has anyone else noticed that winter seems to be starting later and later? I can’t be the only one still wearing a summer coat, although this also might have something to do with the fact that I’ve waiting for the best coat at the best price to come along. And in these days of online shopping we no longer have to be patient until January to get our hands on a discounted winter coat because plenty of retailers like to turn over their winter stock pretty darned quickly.

Some of the best places to find a discount are department store sites, purely because they tend to have the largest selection of the largest sizes of the best brands, and you can’t really get much better than that. When it comes to vintage-look stock, it’s not that difficult to find coats inspired by a number of different eras and here are just a few picks currently available…


Even though it’s already a treasure trove of savings, it’s possible you can get even better discounts on stock when you use well-timed Debenhams voucher codes, so always have a quick peek before you purchase any items on sale. Here are three vintage-look winter coats currently discounted on their site and there’s plenty more where they came from if none of them take your fancy…

Debenhams Collection Dark Red Coat

The Collection Dark Red Double-Breasted Coat – was £50, now £35

Ben de Lisi Military Style Coat

Principles by Ben de Lisi Black Military Stitch Detail Coat – was £99, now £69.30

Lands End Brown Peacoat

Land’s End Brown Wool Blend Pea Coat – was £130, now £97.50

Marks and Spencer

Although they only stock their own-brand clothing, this is divided up into many now sought-after labels that have created a bit of buzz in their own right. Although not currently on sale, you can use Marks and Spencer promo codes to claim free delivery on your order when you spend £50 or more as well as claim a free £5 scarf when you spend £40 or more…

M&S Peacoat

M&S Collection Wool Blend Smart Pea Coat - £99

M&S Bomber Jacket

M&S Collection Floral Print Bomber Jacket – £39.50

M&S Collared Overcoat

M&S Collection Collared Neck Overcoat with Wool - £89

House of Fraser

Another great source of label discounts, House of Fraser discount vouchers again can offer a number of extra savings so it’s always worth checking them out in advance. Here are a few choice winter coats available with them right now including a couple of 60s and 70s inspired faux fur numbers…

Linea Camel Coat

Linea Revere Collar Camel Coat – was £169, now £118.30

Biba Faux Fur Fox Style

Biba Faux Fur Fox Style Luxe Coat – was £199, now £139.30

Pied a Terre Faux Fur Coat

Pied a Terre Bree Faux Fur Coat – was £159. Now £63.20

So by all means scour your local secondhand shop for some winter coat bargains too, but always remember those department store sites are the ideal resource for choice as well as discounts, and that’s not to mention to extensive selection of delivery options they have if you need your warm coat in a hurry. Because you never know when that cold spell will hit…