Tuesday, 8 November 2016

4 Ways to Channel Your Fave Era Through Winter Footwear

Now, I was going to focus on a variety of different types of footwear for this post, but thanks to Clarks promo codes, I’m just going to go with boots. This is partly because they’re the things you’re most likely to want to purchase in the current cold temperatures, and partly because they have a very good offer on until 13th November that saves you 20% on all adult boots. As you would expect from one of the nation’s favourite shoe retailers they’ve got the quality side of things covered, but going through their current range, I’ve found they’ve got a number of our favourite vintage eras covered too…


When I think of 1960s-style boots, I think knee-length, glossy and with a significant but solid heel. Luckily there are a few pairs available with Clarks promotional codes that fit the 1960s bill including the Nevella Nova Boots in Tan (£110 before discount), the Kendra Glove Boots in Black Leather (£125 before discount) and the Othea Rose Boots in Tan Leather (£150 before discount)…

Clarks Nevella Nova BootsClarks Kendra Glove Boots

Clarks Othea Rose Boots


The 1970s style of boot isn’t that dissimilar to those of the previous decade, but with some additional flourishes. They tend to have chunkier soles and heels and the fashion wasn’t just for the knee-high type of boot – think mid-calf or ankle boots too, and some with lace ups. There’s plenty of 70s goodness available from Clarks right now including the Othea Ruby Boots in Sand Snake (£95 before discount), the Kendra Porter Boots in Aubergine (£80 before discount) and the Gabriel Mix Boots in Tan Leather (£95 before discount)…

Clarks Othea Ruby BootsClarks Kendra Porter BootsClarks Gabriel Mix Boots


One of my most significant memories of 80s footwear is wanting a pair of pixie boots but never being granted permission to get some by my mother. Thankfully I have no such problems these days because not only am I a fully-grown adult who buys her own boots, but pixie boots are very much a fashion staple again. This winter Clarks have got styles such as the Breccan Shine Boots in Navy Suede (£70 before discount), the Christabel Eva Boots in Tan Suede (£90 before discount) and the Dinah Star Boots in Black Suede (£80 before discount), which also have a touch of the 1970s about them too…

Clarks Breccan Shine BootsClarks Christabel Eva BootsClarks Dinah Star Boots


For many the 90s were all about comfort – chunky lace ups made for stomping on other words. And for those of us old enough to remember stomping about in our DMs during that particular decade, we now welcome with open arms the chance to wear comfortable footwear again. If you don’t want to go down the DM route, try the Orinoco Spice Boots in Black Leather (£60 before discount), the Minoa River Boots in Black Leather (£100 before discount) or the Balmer Thea Boots in Black Leather (£65 before discount), the last one with a very 90s heel there…

Clarks Orinoco Spice BootsClarks Minoa River BootsClarks Balmer Thea Boots

And don’t forget, you can save 20% on all these vintage-look styles until 13th November with Clarks discount codes. The perfect opportunity to get at least part of your winter essentials shop out of the way in one swift move.

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