Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Vintage Style Winter Coats from Your Department Store Faves

Has anyone else noticed that winter seems to be starting later and later? I can’t be the only one still wearing a summer coat, although this also might have something to do with the fact that I’ve waiting for the best coat at the best price to come along. And in these days of online shopping we no longer have to be patient until January to get our hands on a discounted winter coat because plenty of retailers like to turn over their winter stock pretty darned quickly.

Some of the best places to find a discount are department store sites, purely because they tend to have the largest selection of the largest sizes of the best brands, and you can’t really get much better than that. When it comes to vintage-look stock, it’s not that difficult to find coats inspired by a number of different eras and here are just a few picks currently available…


Even though it’s already a treasure trove of savings, it’s possible you can get even better discounts on stock when you use well-timed Debenhams voucher codes, so always have a quick peek before you purchase any items on sale. Here are three vintage-look winter coats currently discounted on their site and there’s plenty more where they came from if none of them take your fancy…

Debenhams Collection Dark Red Coat

The Collection Dark Red Double-Breasted Coat – was £50, now £35

Ben de Lisi Military Style Coat

Principles by Ben de Lisi Black Military Stitch Detail Coat – was £99, now £69.30

Lands End Brown Peacoat

Land’s End Brown Wool Blend Pea Coat – was £130, now £97.50

Marks and Spencer

Although they only stock their own-brand clothing, this is divided up into many now sought-after labels that have created a bit of buzz in their own right. Although not currently on sale, you can use Marks and Spencer promo codes to claim free delivery on your order when you spend £50 or more as well as claim a free £5 scarf when you spend £40 or more…

M&S Peacoat

M&S Collection Wool Blend Smart Pea Coat - £99

M&S Bomber Jacket

M&S Collection Floral Print Bomber Jacket – £39.50

M&S Collared Overcoat

M&S Collection Collared Neck Overcoat with Wool - £89

House of Fraser

Another great source of label discounts, House of Fraser discount vouchers again can offer a number of extra savings so it’s always worth checking them out in advance. Here are a few choice winter coats available with them right now including a couple of 60s and 70s inspired faux fur numbers…

Linea Camel Coat

Linea Revere Collar Camel Coat – was £169, now £118.30

Biba Faux Fur Fox Style

Biba Faux Fur Fox Style Luxe Coat – was £199, now £139.30

Pied a Terre Faux Fur Coat

Pied a Terre Bree Faux Fur Coat – was £159. Now £63.20

So by all means scour your local secondhand shop for some winter coat bargains too, but always remember those department store sites are the ideal resource for choice as well as discounts, and that’s not to mention to extensive selection of delivery options they have if you need your warm coat in a hurry. Because you never know when that cold spell will hit…

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